Top 3 Shock Ideas for Trading & Stocks 2023

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Hey guys welcome to our business ideas. and make money easily by doing smart work and with less amount of energy.

Today I am discussing 3 best ideas like tradings and many more and how it works how to work and earn easily at home.

Guys, I m telling you, please have some patience and then start doing any work. Earning money is easy at this time because the online system is very helpful for everyone for any purpose like studying, business, advertising, and many more.

I hope you got the point. ok, let’s discuss the business idea.

there are many different types of trading in the market let’s discuss 3 types of trading in simple languages.

1. Intraday Trading

it is very simple and very easy to understand this type of trading suppose Apple’s stock price is 5 dollars in the morning and afternoon this price is an increase of 7 dollars then your profit is 2 dollars and intraday trading depends on the broker how much beverage to give you for trading.

Top 3 Shock Ideas for Trading & Stocks 2023

first of all, I will tell you intraday is only available one day start is 9:15 and the end is 3:15 and this times of period you make a profit or you make a loss depending on knowledge and the market mood.

The important question is how to start don’t worry I am here, first of all, you make a Demat account, and How to open Demat account it’s very simple first you download the trading application,

So many applications are available on the play store and the app store for Android and Apple users and then you have only 2 identities like a pan card, driving license, etc.

No fees and no brokerage charges for opening a Demat account then you start your intraday trading easily at home,

If you have no money for purchasing stock then you got beverages for purchasing stock and research the best stock for purchase,

suppose you purchase any company stocks suppose you purchase 5 stocks and one stock price is 3 dollars and your purchase are 10 stocks and the total amount of 30 dollars one stock price increase and jump 4 dollars then your profit is 10 dollars.

This is a very simple making money concept with zero investment.

2- Stocks

Stock and shareholder are the same thing for example you purchase a stock and hold it for some months or some years for only investment purposes to increase your stock money for example you purchase 100 stock.

Top 3 Shock Ideas for Trading & Stocks 2023

1 stock price is 10 dollars and your investment is 1000 dollars After a one-year 1 stack price increase and jump to 15 dollars and you got a dividend of 500 dollars dividend is your profit.

this is a simple way to make every year’s profit without working only a one-time investment and make a profit every month or year I hope you fully understand what is stack or shareholder you hold a share you become a shareholder.

3- Live Trading

What is lie trading live trading is very, very simple to understand and use you make a Demat account and start it depends on you how use it,

Top 3 Shock Ideas for Trading & Stocks 2023

I explain live trading depends on how much time to risk your money to earn like 30 seconds or 1 minute, 5 minutes many more to predict whether the market is high or low

I mean market up or down you choose market up for 30 seconds and invest 5 dollars and the market is up for 30 seconds then your money is double,

and the same thing in you choose the market is down for 30 seconds and invest 5 dollars and the market as usual for 30 seconds is down then your money is double.


So Guys I hope You got these Top 3 Shock Ideas for Trading & Stocks 2023 these idea are very strong and works that’s why I discussed them in this post.

And if you want to know more then make sure to search on youtube learn from there more ideas and research and start investing today.

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